How Building Your Technology Infrastructure is Like Building a Winning Football Team

Mandeville, LA June 4, 2024 — Our very own Bruce F. Broussard, Jr., FLMI, ACS recently co-authored an article with 🇺🇸 Nick Lamparelli of Insurance Nerds. Do you know how building an insurance technology infrastructure is like building a winning football team? Bruce and Nick can tell you.

“When the 2024 National Football League (NFL) college draft kicked off recently, we were glued to the action. (Nick’s beloved New England Patriots got their quarterback of the future 🤞, while Bruce’s alma mater, LSU, had not one but two top ten first-round draft picks, including the Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels going at #2 💪).”

“Similar to how pro football teams create championship-worthy talent mash-ups, insurance companies must often decide whether to invest in young, raw startup talent capable of building tech infrastructure from the ground up, or fall back on the experience and immediate impact offered by a veteran or existing technology solution. This build or buy choice presents a strategic dilemma for insurers on a budget which closely parallels NFL teams’ draft/trade/free agency strategy while working under a strict salary cap. Let’s explore how the seemingly disparate worlds – building a winning football team and building a winning insurance technology infrastructure – share surprising similarities.”

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Bruce F. Broussard Jr.

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