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Data Magnifier is:

  • Fully operational data & analytics software, ready to solve the data challenges of insurance organizations out of the box.
  • A collection of components that can be leveraged individually to Fill in the Blanks of existing elements to create a full solution.
  • Fully documented components that establishes a proven foundation on which to Build a custom data & analytics solution, reducing risk and time to market.

What Problems We Solve

Percipience Solves Insurance Data Challenges

Addressing Data First Reduces Project Risk and Increases Delivery Flexibility

Data Magnifier avoids having to load all historical data into new policy and claims administration systems, reducing the scope, cost, and risk of Modernization Projects.

Reduce Risk of Modernization Projects

Data Magnifier consolidates data from all sources into a consistent, conformed, and fully reconciled form that establishes a platform for enterprise reporting and analytics.

Establish a Reporting & Analytics Platform

Delivering a comprehensive and high performing digital experience requires data to be aggregated from multiple sources and conformed for easy presentation in any channel.

Enable Digital Transformation

Data Magnifier integrates and conforms data from all sources to satisfy the business requirements of downstream applications, portals, reports, and data science analytics.

Establish Data Integration Hub

Data Magnifier reduces regulatory reporting complexity by creating a consolidated enterprise view of the data and eliminating manual effort and error.

Improve Efficiency of Regulatory Reporting

Data Magnifier consolidates all data and retains the flexibility to view information at across many dimensions including enterprise, company, division, state, LOB, and product.

Consolidate Multi-Company Data

Data Magnifier’s intuitive data marts enable business resources quickly identify and get the data they need to solve business problems, allowing IT to focus on higher value activities.

Enable Data Self-Service

Data Magnifier easily integrates and conforms partner data from different formats and allows it to be viewed by program, provider, LOB, or across the full portfolio.

Manage Program Business

We are THE insurance data experts.

What is the industry saying about Percipience and Data Magnifier?

Karlyn Carnahan

Karlyn Carnahan

Head of North America – Insurance

“Exponentially expanding data sources create tremendous opportunities for insurers to improve decision making and the customer experience. And more and more carriers recognize that moving their data to the cloud is what gives them the scalability and processing power to utilize these new sources of data But, while many insurers have begun to move their core systems to the cloud, their existing data solutions aren’t architected for the cloud. Consequently, a number of carriers are really struggling to take advantage of advanced learning, machine learning and AI. As carriers continue to expand their data capabilities, a cloud native, platform and tool independent solution can often move them faster and further along the path by deploying where they already have investments and experience through their core applications.”

rob baughman

Rob Baughman

SVP, Financial Services & Insurance

“NTT DATA has worked with Percipience to successfully deliver Data Magnifier to insurance clients. We’ve seen the power of the product, how flexible the solution is in quickly incorporating unique requirements of each client, and how easily clients take ownership of the solution to drive value for their business.”

todd hartline

Todd Hartline


“Percipience comes to the table with a sincere partnership mindset and is focused on our long-term success. Their knowledge of the insurance business combined with technical expertise in the data and analytics space is unmatched! The team’s consistent delivery with high quality is helping us achieve success across multiple complex initiatives. “


Jonathan Silverman

Director, Insurance Industry Solutions

“I’ve collaborated with Percipience’s founders for more than 15 years and have seen the leadership they’ve provided advancing insurance data and analytics. Microsoft is excited to continue our partnership with Percipience as we introduce an innovative SaaS Data Magnifier offering to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to directly address challenges faced by most insurance organizations.”

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