Comprehensive Insurance Data & Analytics Solution

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Stop Fighting with Your Data

Most companies spend 80% of their time getting internal data into a usable form and less than 20% of their time using data to drive value for their company and customers. Data Magnifier reverses that, so they can focus their time and talent gaining insights instead of just creating more infrastructure to maintain.

Data Magnifier is different. 

Promotes Customer Independence

Data Magnifier can be implemented, extended, and supported by Percipience, any of our partners, or the Customer themselves, giving Customers control over the evolution of their implementation as well as their costs & schedules.

Supports the LOBs You Write

Data Magnifier supports 30+ property & casualty (P&C) lines of business and 10+ life & annuity (L&A) insurance products right out of the box (OOTB). P&C LOBs include personal, commercial, & specialty lines. Life & annuity coverages include traditional and universal life, annuities, and variable products.

Is Based on Industry Standards

Data Magnifier adheres to insurance industry standards including the ACORD Information Model. This allows insurance experienced professionals to become expert with Data Magnifier very quickly as well as easing integration between Data Magnifier and applications that also follow industry standards.

Data Magnifier - Introduction

A quick introduction to Percipience's insurance data and analytics product - Data Magnifier. Data Magnifier makes it easy to manage the data from all of an insurance organizations systems and data sources, establishing an easy to navigate platform to reduce the cost and complexity of reporting, analytics, machine learning, AI, and other insurance applications.


Conquer Your Data Silos with Data Magnifier

Data Magnifier integrates with any data source independently of back-end systems. The platform’s intuitive, fully documented data model easily brings in reference, transactional, and streaming data from multiple sources and provides a consistent, coherent, and conformed view of all data at an enterprise level.

Data Magnifier conforms data from all insurance sources.

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Data Magnifier is the Rosetta Stone for Insurance Data

Three component groups translate data into information.

  • 1

    Data Models & Databases

    Data Magnifier’s proven data models and repositories establish a comprehensive foundation for integrating with insurance data from any source. With extensive insurance product support out of the box and the ability to easily extend the model for a company’s unique needs, Data Magnifier accelerates speed to market like no other insurance data product.

    • Data Dictionaries
    • ODS/Data Warehouses/Data Marts
    • OOTB Insurance Content
    • Customer Extensible
    • 30+ P&C LOBs/10+ L&A Products
    • Core System & Data Platform Agnostic
    • Industry Standards-Based
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    Reporting & Analytics

    Delivered with detailed documentation, Data Magnifier empowers insurers with holistic data control while integration assets, a host of OOTB dashboards, and fully customizable reports deliver a competitive advantage with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. 

    • Operational Reports
    • Management Reports
    • Regulatory Reports
    • Data Reconciliation Reports
    • Compliance Reports
    • Analytics Dashboards
    • Customer Extensible
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    Integration APIs & Microservices

    Data Magnifier is a core-system agnostic, comprehensive data and analytics solution which enables insurers to access, leverage, and manage data siloed across many sources. 

    • JSON APIs
    • Connect to any Source
    • Integration Accelerators
    • Industry Standards-Based
    • Data Lineage/Traceability

Benefits of Using Data Magnifier

  • 12+ months reduced from transformation project
  • 90%+ of data model coverage
  • 90%+ data modeling reduction
  • 50%+ reduction in data integration
  • 50%+ fewer implementation resources
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